Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Conspiracy Tapes first release

Conspiracy Tapes first release is a full length album on cassette by Dan Trolley 'Hours Electric' out mid October.

"There are some bedroom recordings that need to stay put under lock and key and there are others that need desperately to see the light of day. The debut release from solo artist and Mass Cult front man Dan Trolley falls safely into the latter category. Trolleys debut bears many fruits, from the simple psych garage licks of Oh No No,  to the 80s new wave sensation that is Your Ways, to the darker Bauhaus inspired beast that is Don’t Feel Down. With a penchant for sci-fi effects, a pulsating drum machine, and persevering synth barrage, Hours Electric fits a multitude of genres under its umbrella and engulfs them all into its hazy aesthetic".

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